TripConnect Service

TripConnect Service, Channel Manager | Online Booking Manager

The TripConnect (CPC) Service is currently available only for the OBM-Single Hotel software.

Maximize bookings

  • Drive travelers directly to your booking engine
  • TripConnect sends travelers who are ready to book straight from TripAdvisor to your website’s booking page
  • Make direct booking fast and easy for potential guests

Increase revenues

  • Turn direct bookings into upsell opportunities
  • TripConnect sends travelers directly to your website — where it’s easier to upsell guests to higher-priced rooms
  • Generate higher per-guest revenues by using your website’s upsell capabilities

Reduce costs

  • Make more by spending less
  • When you generate more direct bookings, you spend less in commission fees
  • TripConnect brings the power to maximize direct bookings to your fingertips

No Long Term Contract is Required

  • 12 months service based

Lowest Service Costs

  • Very affordable – only 10 EUR (€) a month

For more details about TripConnect please check:

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